Saluki Calendar 2012 - Daredevil

OK, this is a bit crazy.  Saluki's parachutists . . . I just wanted to see it for myself.  


Saluki Calendar 2012 - Surf Watch

Maybe somewhere a Saluki would patiently wait on the beach like the one in the scene I've created here.  I think that the same scene a fraction of a second later would have the dog replaced with a cloud of sand and maybe the toe of the rear left foot just leaving the frame.


Saluki Calendar 2012 - Body Surfing

Shay is pouncing on her favorite flingy toy that had landed in the water.  This sequence shows her enthusiasm and how when combined with a sheen of water produces magical effects.



Saluki Calendar 2012 - Contemplation

Mutual contemplation is the source of inspiration for the month of May.  I love turtles and appreciate their confidence when they observe the world from the safety of the water, little heads just barely breaking the surface of the water.  The Saluki can consider the pursuit, but the water borne turtle is not her prey.


Leave that Turtle Alone!

This section of the poster really disturbs me.  I guess that the sharp claws and beak are supposed to make the turtle menacing, but it looks like it wants to get away from Mister Underpants.

This bowling ball shaped octopus isn't safe from the knife either. 

Saluki Calendar 2012 - Flying over the Sands

Shay rocketing across the sands.  Simple as that.


Saluki Calendar 2012 - The Model

The Model

Anyone who owns a Saluki will know this pose.  There is a wonderful greyhound (and by extension sighthound) art appreciation from the Metropolitan Museum of art here.  This pose is commented on.

This is the art for the month of March in my Saluki Calendar for 2012 for sale here (US shipping) and here for international shipping (shipping charges will be billed separately)


Saluki Calendar 2012 - The Retired Champ

The Retired Coursing Champ.  The trophy attests to her abilities, the destroyed fluffy toy to her instinct, the abandoned dog bed to her loftiness and the ignored squirrel to her peace of mind.


Saluki Calendar 2012 - A Formal Portrait

I started with a vintage photo of a boy who was posed with another breed of dog.  I felt the pride that the boy showed with his dog would be easily suited towards a Saluki.  I loved his hair and the suit, very mod.


Saluki Calendar 2012 - The Cover

Wyatte (above) and Shay (in orange) are the cover models.  I love this picture of Wyatte, she is clearing a rise in the ice-plant, leaving a tiny explosion of sand.

You can purchase the calendar here for shipping in the US and here for international shipping (shipping charges will be billed separately)

Vintage Win Photo