Eliot's terror builds and builds.

No one can hear him.

No one wants to know he is there.


The mass
rages and tumbles
towards Eliot


Always at every party
someone gets on 
someone else's nerves.

That's what has happened 
here.  Accidental bodily 
contact is dealt with 
intentional bodily contact.


Drunk, but he doesn't know it.

Eliot is stunned 
for a moment 
by the revelry 
in front of him.



This character's name is Eliot. 

These days I spell it with one L.

In older issues I used two L's.

In later issues I'll sneak in an extra T.

Don't let your readership get too comfortable.


The fire,
the beer,
the drugs,
the mayhem.



Eliot gets into the spirit of things. He joins the teenagers who are tearing apart the old shack for kindling. With a roaring charge, he parts the kids who stand hypnotized by the fire and flings a hunk of wood into the fire.


Here's a sketch of that establishes for the first time the party that Eliot has joined. The shack is being torn apart to fuel the fire. The music coming from the tape deck inspires a frenzy of dancing. Eliot is kept from falling into the fire by a teenager.