This poster was made for Crossroads Band in Seattle. After creating a dull poster made up of studied portraits of the members, I was encouraged to stretch a bit further and this is the result. The word bubbles contain the musical influences on the band.

Crossroads info at:
Crossroads Band

Also for Seattle blues news:
Jet City Blues


Rudy takes the lit cigarette from the teenager.

The teen has tucked his shirt into the waistband of his cut-offs.

Eliot watches in horror as Rudy inhales, holds the smoke and exhales. He didn't cough. He's smoked before.

Now he sees that he is the only child here. Children don't smoke. They don't follow teenagers deep into the woods to party.


Back from Seattle.

Listening to Sonny Rollins.

In the studio.


The teenagers are arriving at the hillside park. The only way up the hill is through the hole in the fence. They bring beer, drugs.